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AI & Robotics: Mastering the Future


About This Course

What are you going to learn in this course? You will learn about the new robot skills that are being developed with AI and vision, that provides new efficiencies and applications in the workplace. How AI is making the robots more intelligent and capable of doing human-like performance tasks.

Course Structure

  1. Robotics, from being only an arm, to having also a brain, eyes and legs

  2. How AI is bridging the skill gap in robotics

  3. New robotics applications powered by AI and vision

  4. The future of the workplace, fully autonomous factories


  • What is a robot in the workplace and its limitations

  • AI powering intelligence and vision to robots

  • Examples of enhanced robot skills

  • Robots that pick, think, see and move

  • Future trends for robotics using AI

  • How to achieve a fully autonomous factory

  • Visual examples of autonomous factories


  • Understand the current state of the art in robotics

  • Know what are the current and new skills the robots can achieve

  • Understand what are the real life examples of these technologies in action

  • Know what will be the future and trends, so they can anticipate and be more efficient and safe in the workplace

Course staff

  • <>
  • Borja González López

    /I. Overview/
    Borja González López is a passionate entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in managerial and executive positions, in high value-added industrial sectors like mobile robotics and heavy industry systems & tools. Always focused on global scale projects, he has worked with more than 40 different markets among 4 continents: Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. Onboarded and defined the development plan for over 150 partners

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