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Digitally-Enhanced Shop Floor Kitting


About This Course

This course provides an overview of kitting, a critical component of manufacturing and assembly processes. Participants will learn about the various aspects of kitting, including its definition, benefits, and common applications in different industries. The course will also cover the use of digital technologies to support kitting activities, such as barcode scanning, RFID, Augmented Reality and automated inventory management systems. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid understanding of kitting principles and how to implement digital solutions to streamline and optimize kitting processes in their organization.

The course starts by introducing examples of kitting activities and technologies used in manufacturing shop floors and intralogistics. To contextualize the topic, various definitions of kitting will be presented and discussed. The course will then delve into the importance of human factors in kitting activities that need to be taken into account when designing and planning kitting processes. A range of different technologies will be introduced, their advantages and disadvantages will be explained, and the preferred application areas will be discussed. Additionally, the course will present planning and control methods for kitting activities in manufacturing shop floors and intralogistics. The goal of the course is to assist companies, practitioners, engineers, pioneers, and students in enhancing their kitting activities and implementing digital technologies.


  • Introduction, concept and definition of kitting in manufacturing shop floors and intralogistics

  • Human factors in kitting activities

  • Technologies enhancing kitting activities

  • Methods for kitting activities


  • Understand the concept and application of kitting in manufacturing shop floors

  • Understand the importance of human factors in kitting activities and move towards human-centric kitting processes

  • Familiarize with advanced technologies for kitting and their benefits and drawbacks

  • Acquire knowledge of methods to optimize kitting processes

Course staff

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  • Giuseppe Fragapane

    /I. Overview/ Giuseppe Fragapane has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and a Master's degree in Science, both in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He gained valuable experience working as an engineer in research and development and production for leading manufacturing companies in Germany, the UK, and Switzerland. He went on to earn his Ph.D. in Engineering, specializing in Production Management and Industrial Logistics. Currently, Fragapane works as a research scientist at one of Europe's largest independent research organizations, contributing to numerous EU projects that focus on human-centric production. Linkedin:

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