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Cobots I: Preparing for clever use of disruptive innovation in industrial robotics


About This Course

Manufacturing SME’s struggling with qualified labor cost or repetitive operation quality. Informed from whatever source about the values of robotics / cobotics / Industry 4.0 but without any clear guidance on how to face the potential opportunities connected with their use.

Collaborative robots are being hyped as a pinnacle technology in the Industry 4.0 trend. Although it is very true, their implementation needs to be carefully planned and verified to yield the anticipated results. Perceived as simpler and easier to adopt than industrial robots, cobots value is often misunderstood and what suffers is the overall efficiency of the implemented solution.

The course will present the caveats of cobots implementation starting from the business evaluation and ending at the typical scenarios, where collaborative robots bring the most value.

Main subunits include:

  1. Industrial robotics @ manufacturing SMEs – Contextual introduction, how the industrial robotics market is evolving and how SMEs may benefit from Industry 4.0 transformation.

  2. An overview on collaborative robotics (cobots) – An introduction on this trend, information on what part of Industry 4.0 is it and why is it so important, reviewing the evolution and the market forecast for its adoption.

  3. The opportunity – Exploring key differences between the industrial robots and collaborative robots, explanation of common misunderstandings and myths that come along with the sales.

  4. Adopting cobots – brief review of the support ecosystem existing within the EU boundaries that could be leveraged towards the transformation and implementation. Key things to consider, where to look for support and how to proceed not to get stuck with worthless product. Cases for implementation.


  • Industry 4.0 (and further) phenomenon.

  • current state of the industrial robotics market and how did it come to this point from classical towards collaborative robotics within the Industry 4.0 framework.

  • The current market of collaborative robots VS market of industrial robots. Why does industrial robotics market still exist?

  • Primary features of collaborative robots and why are they important.

  • Technical features of collaborative robots that are not widely advertised (connected with maintenance).

  • Return on investment (ROI) calculation for cobot. Business modeling and business casing.


  • Understanding the importance of Industry 4.0 in its real nature

  • Understanding position of cobots within the Industry 4.0 framework.

  • Understanding of differences between the industrial robots and cobots from functional, financial and operational perspectives. Knowing that cobot is not an industrial robot replacement.

  • Identifying the right activities that should benefit from cobot usage.

  • Awareness of not only the benefits but also the drawbacks of cobots.

Course staff

  • <>
  • Przemysław Kowalski, MBA, M.Sc. BME

    /I. Overview/ DIH Executive Director and Industry 4.0 Trainer, with deep and proven knowledge in industrial automation and transformation. Entrepreneur and Project Manager introducing new technologies to sports, industry and military. ADMA advisor and auditor. Speaker and podcaster. LinkedIn:

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